iPhone Trick – View an Email Message While Composing Another

Have you ever been composing an email message and realize that you have to check something in a different message?  If you’re like most people, you save the message you are currently composing as a draft, close the message, open the OTHER message to get the needed information, close THAT message, and then reopen the draft message to continue writing.

Well, why be like “most people”?

A faster way of accomplishing the same goal with fewer steps is to use a not very well advertised feature in your iPhone’s mail program.  Here’s the trick…

1) Begin composing your message.

2) Tap and swipe downward on the top of the message where “Cancel” – Subject – “Send” is displayed.


This will push your current message down to the bottom of the screen where you can now freely browse other messages in this account or other loaded accounts on the device.


3) When you are ready to resume composing the original message, just tap the displayed subject at the bottom of the screen.  This will return you to the message.


Simple and effective!