Sandvik 2BCTI Contributes $10,000 Desktop Application Training to Sandvik Mining

May 16, 2016

Gray, TN –BCTI has announced a $10,000 contribution for desktop application training to Sandvik Mining and Construction Company, Bristol, VA. BCTI is providing Sandvik employees desktop computer training which includes Windows 7, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel to assist them in finding new jobs as quickly as possible.

Chase Boles, BCTI CEO, states, “Giving back to the community is important to us as a company. Contributing training resources is a means for BCTI to make a difference in the local community.”

Adding to the employee skill set is important to Sandvik as the company is moving operations due to market conditions and corporate restructuring. Anthony Jessee, Production Unit Site Manager added, “We want to help our employees in any way we can by giving them the needed computer skills in today’s job market. BCTI has the foundation and expertise to help prepare our employees for the upcoming job search and transition. BCTI offered a training package to help them achieve additional skill sets. I am very happy to be working with BCTI and thankful for their support and contribution to our employees and the community.” Twenty-seven employees are attending application courses conducted at BCTI.
As the region’s leading computer training organization for over 20 years, hundreds of companies send their staff members to BCTI every year to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Being able to hire new employees that have already taken this training will be a great benefit to the employers and to the former Sandvik employees.