The Real Value of Training

Few people would dispute the value of education and that the development technical skills translate into higher revenue potential. So, what value does certification-based training offer above non-certification technical education?

  • Excellent return on training and certification investments by providing a standard method of determining training needs and measuring results.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and decreased support costs through improved service, increased productivity and greater technical self-sufficiency.
  • Reliable benchmark for hiring, promoting and career planning.
  • Retraining options for existing employees so they can work effectively with new technologies.

BCTI training enables individuals and organizations to leverage their considerable investment in IT and computer networks, by raising the skills levels of their IT workforce. BCTI’s goal is to provide high-quality training, which has a meaningful impact on the performance of your core business, while helping to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). We stay focused on why organizations invest in training: it is the means through which actual business benefits from investment in IT are realized.

Why Train With BCTI?

As a Microsoft Silver Certified Learning Solutions Partner, BCTI is one of the very few Microsoft Certified Learning Solutions Partner (CLSPs) that have met Microsoft’s strict requirements and received its highest endorsement for delivering superior training solutions.

Our instructors have credentials that are unmatched in the area. All of our instructors have one or more of the following qualifications: Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Technical Trainer (CTT), and/or BS in Computer Science. Additionally, each of our instructors works in the field for our clients, and is required to stay current with all certifications they hold.

Training You Can Rely On

BCTI training has one mission – to serve our students’ interests and fulfill their training needs in a productive manner. Education has been a primary focus for over 20 years, and we do it well.

Learn to Use Vendor Products in the Real World

Our team of IT industry experts integrates their extensive experience in implementing and using Microsoft, Cisco, Novell and industry leading technologies. You will acquire the skills to succeed in planning, implementing, maintaining and supporting information systems.

Inclement Weather Policy

If East Tennessee State University (ETSU) closes for inclement weather, then BCTI classes are cancelled. We will contact you to reschedule.

Please do not put yourself at risk during inclement weather whether or not classes are held. Call us if you cannot attend due to the weather/road conditions and we will gladly reschedule.

Note: The inclement weather policy is for classes only. Our offices will remain open for normal business hours.