Microsoft Office – Quick Access Toolbar (Awesome “Hidden” Feature)

When Microsoft Office 2007 switched from the traditional dropdown menus and toolbars method of delivering program features to the now widely used Tabs and Ribbon delivery system, one of the abilities they revoked from the users was the ability to customize the program controls.  Knowing that they (Microsoft) would have angry hoards with torches and […]

QlikView – Intelligently Hide & Show Objects/Sheets

When it comes to delivering data in a visually compelling manner, there are few programs on the market as capable as QlikView; a product developed by Sweden-based Qlik ( ).  Because of the sheer volume of displayable information, the viewer can be easily overwhelmed with stories and possible idea paths.  To help minimize the […]

Microsoft Project – Calculate Days Between Two Custom Dates

Microsoft Project packs more “bang for the buck” than most any other Microsoft Office application.  With just a small amount of data input, the user can produce mountains of useful analysis. Because MS Project shares many characteristics of a traditional database, users can take advantage of a myriad of pre-loaded database fields for storing information; […]