Create a Video in PowerPoint 2016

If you have ever been tasked with creating a video to demonstrate come process in an application, like creating pivot tables in Excel or performing a mail merge in Word, you probably had to spend a bit of money on some screen capturing software.  There are many great programs on the market designed specifically for […]

QlikView–Creating a Master Calendar

If you’ve ever struggled with constructing a master calendar for a QlikView data model, this post should help reduce your stress levels. If you’re unsure of what the purpose of a master calendar is, a master calendar helps reduce the redundancy of date information in a data set.  Imagine placing in a table a year’s […]

Apply Two Different Number Formats to a Single Field (Excel Pivot Tables)

There comes a time in every Excel Power User’s life when they must deal with mixed content in a single field.  Examine the following table: The Value field (column E) contains a mixture of sale amounts (values as decimals) and discount rates (percentages.)  If a pivot table is constructed using this data, it can take […]

Missing Resources in Microsoft Project Resource Pools

If you work with Microsoft Project and have ever leveraged the power of Resource Pools across multiple projects, you may have encountered a strange behavior when assigning those resources. When you share resources between a Resource Pool file (a dummy project file that typically has no tasks but is merely a container for holding resources) […]

iPhone Trick – View an Email Message While Composing Another

Have you ever been composing an email message and realize that you have to check something in a different message?  If you’re like most people, you save the message you are currently composing as a draft, close the message, open the OTHER message to get the needed information, close THAT message, and then reopen the […]

Automatically Refresh Pivot Tables in Excel

Excel PivotTables are one of the greatest tools in the spreadsheet user’s toolkit. However, there is one tiny bit of functionality that appears to be missing: the ability of pivot tables to automatically update when information in the source data changes. Most user’s see this as a glaring lack of functionality. There is, however a […]

10 Word Features that will Improve Your Workflow

With so many features packed inside each Microsoft application, it’s easy to overlook some that can really add value to your daily workflow.  Below is a list of some of the features you may have never noticed but will quickly become part of your daily routine. Styles Styles are not only a great time-saver, but […]