iPhone – Make a Call Without Unlocking Your Phone

Apple’s iOS 10 has some amazing new features.  Performing a simple Google search can reveal dozens upon dozens of neat tricks.  The following trick has become a fast favorite amongst iPhone users. Placing a call without unlocking your phone It is well known that you can make an emergency call to 9-1-1 on any cellphone […]

Restoring FIND Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2016

There’s nothing like a good keyboard shortcut to help improve workflow efficiency.  Most Office users quickly learn the standard keyboard shortcuts, like CTRL+S for SAVE or CTRL+P for PRINT, but what about CTRL+F for FIND?  This is a great way to bring up the FIND dialog box. Somewhere along the way, Microsoft, in its infinite […]

Two-Way Lookup with the Intersection Operator

Locating a specific item in a table based on two separate criteria can be a challenging task, even for the most ardent Excel user.  Take the following table, for example: Suppose you wish to locate the sales for the Southern region in the month of March.  You could try to write a sophisticated VLOOKUP with […]

VLOOKUP–Looking to the LEFT!

Anyone who has ever used Excel and needed to query a table for information has no doubt used a VLOOKUP function.  VLOOKUP is one of the most widely used functions in all of Excel.  But even the most popular things in life are not without their shortcomings. The single most vexing problem for VLOOKUP users […]

Using Excel MODE Function to Return a Text Response

Excel’s MODE function is a great tool for returning the most frequently occurring number in a set of numbers. But what if you want to return the most frequently occurring word in a list of words? MODE with Numbers Using the MODE function in Excel is quite simple; you point to a list of numbers […]

Add Dropbox to Office 2016

We’ve come a long way over the years when it comes to where we store our files.  In the 80’s and 90’s it was all about local storage; the venerable C:, or “C-drive”.  Then in the 2000’s, when connecting all of the office computers together on a network became the norm, companies told us not […]

Conditional Formatting with Subtotals in Excel

Just as there should be a Nobel Prize for the person who put a screwdriver in the end of a power drill, thus inventing the Power Screwdriver, there should be a Nobel Prize for merging the abilities of Conditional Formatting with the Subtotals tool in Excel. If you have ever used the Subtotals tool to […]

Never Miss Another Public Holiday

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week’s blog post will deal with managing holidays in Outlook. Do you have trouble remembering which day Labor Day is on versus Memorial Day?   Ever show up for work one morning just to discover that the office is closed for President’s Day and you could have slept late?  Well, […]

Supercharge Your VLOOKUP Functions in Excel

Any Excel user who considers themselves a “power user” cannot make such a statement with a straight face without knowing how to use VLOOKUP functions. Of all of the ways to retrieve information, the VLOOKUP function is without debate the most popular means of looking up and returning information from an Excel list.  It’s not […]